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Samsung R607 D707 707 804 706 Charge Clean Roller

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Product Name : Samsung R607 D707 707 804 706 Charge Clean Roller
Product Brand : SAMSUNG

Product Description

Ricoh part|OPC Drum unit| Toner|Blade|Developer|Hot roller|PCR|belt|Gear|thermostat|thermistor|

Bearing|heater|fuser belt  Email:brycechen@126.COM

Samsung R607 D707 707 804 706 Charge Clean Roller

Part No.:

For Use in:

SUMSUNG MLT-R607 706 708 707 257 808 804 704 708

MLT-R707 K2200 K2200ND

need original tell me

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1.drum unit spare parts

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PCR cleaning roller,drum wax pad,

Fuser Unit spare parts

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fuser clean web&roller,fuser drive gear,fuser bushing,fuser cleaning roller fuser Ass’y unit,

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7.ARDF Ass’y Unit Spare Part  DF feed belt,DF reveser roller DF pickupper roller

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